Trailer Wiring Diagrams

The Diagrams below show the Typical Trailer Wiring for 4 Pin Flat Connectors all the way to 7 Pin Round Connectors.

It is Important to note that the “White Wire” is the ground wire, You will notice this even when you buy lights. A lot of LED Lights come with Black and White wires and people can easily confuse the black wire for the ground. A faulty and unsecured ground wire is often the issue of electric problems on a trailer.

So study the chart and diagrams below to see how you can wire your trailer. If you need more information we are happy to help, Click here to contact us. Here is a great article on How To Wire A Trailer.

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Trailer Wire Color Codes Diagram

Single Axle Trailer Wiring Diagram
Tandem Axle Trailer Wiring Diagram