What Makes Our Trailer Plans Better

These Highly Detailed Trailer Plans were Designed for Johnson Trailer Parts by Synthesis Engineering Services.

What Makes Our Trailer Plans Better?

  • Strength
    • Our utility trailer plans are designed with the full strength in the frame. This is done to allow you to leave the trailer as a flatbed if you want or any of the side options included in our plans.
    • Many of the Utility Trailers are designed with angle iron with sides to give it the strength it needs, But if the side members get damaged it will compromise the strength on the trailer. See this Great article on Trailer Strength.
    • Our Trailer Designs use Rectangle Tubing and C-Channel to give the Strength you need.
  • Plan Designs
    • A lot of trailer plans only come in 2-5 pages that try to explain the entire design, Our Trailer Plans come with Detailed Illustrations (20-25) pages and (10-15) pages of Instructions. These pages are well thought out to keep it simple and easy to follow along.
    • Some trailer plans out there only give you one design option for the sides. Ours allow you to leave it as a flatbed or multiple different side and ramp/ tailgate options that will suit your needs.
    • Our Plans include a Detailed Material List by Name, Size and the Trailer Parts Kit you can Purchase directly from us.
      • Our Trailer Parts Kits are Designed Specifically for these Trailer Plans.
  • Customizing the Trailer
    • We Encourage you to modify the trailer to suit your needs. This is why we put the strength of the trailer into the frame so you can customize it to suit your needs.
    • Our trailer designs come with a few different side options and ramp/ tailgates options to help encourage you to build the Best Trailer for yourself.
    • But when is it safe to modify the trailer? You can always contact us and we can help you out. Also read this article here which will give you some Great Insight.
  • Delivery
    • These Trailer plans are in an electronic PDF format. To print in any size (8.5 x 11 up to 22 x 17) , or just use from your device. Just place your order then download immediately after purchase, Right from our Website or the Confirmation Email.
      • If you accidentally delete your file just let us know so we can help you out.
    • Want the Printed Copy? These will be available soon with quick shipping. Contact us if you need these.
    • Our Plans for Download are .PDF format for easy viewing and printing. For easy download, the plans are bundled in a .ZIP file. If you need, a free PDF reader is at Adobe.com and a free ZIP utility at WinZip.com.

Below is a few Image of our Utility Trailer Plans showing the Complete Trailer all the way down to a Flat Bed Trailer. As mentioned earlier we put the Strength in the frame on the trailer. This allows you to leave it as a flatbed or choose any of the side options we provide in the plans.

Do you have a better Idea for the sides that will suit you better? We love it, We understand the needs of each person are different which is why we don’t make our plans as “One size fits all”.  Remember If you have any questions please contact us, We are here to help!