How to Measure a 5 Lug Trailer Axle Bolt Pattern 2

When it comes to maintaining or upgrading your trailer, one of the most critical aspects to consider is the compatibility of the axles and wheels. Specifically, ensuring that the 5 lug bolt pattern on your trailer wheels matches that of your axles is essential. A mismatch in bolt patterns can lead to a frustrating experience where, after installing brand new trailer axles, you find that your existing wheels cannot be mounted due to incompatible bolt patterns.

Understanding Bolt Patterns

The bolt pattern, particularly for trailers, is typically categorized by the number of lugs and the diameter circle they form. The industry standard is the 5 lug on 4.5 inches (545) bolt pattern, with the 5 lug on 5 inches (550) pattern as the secondary standard. These patterns are crucial for the fitting of wheels to axles, impacting the ease of installation and the range of available parts.

Why Measure Your Bolt Pattern?

Measuring your trailer’s bolt pattern before ordering new wheels or axles ensures that you won’t face compatibility issues upon installation. This step is vital whether you’re replacing your trailer’s axle, wheels, or both. It’s an easy process that can save you time and avoid unnecessary headaches.

How to Measure Your Bolt Pattern?

Option 1: Direct Measurement

This method involves measuring from the center of one stud to the center of the next. This technique is most straightforward while the wheel is still mounted on the axle, offering a quick way to determine your bolt pattern. See Diagram below!

5 Lug Trailer Axle Bolt Pattern Option 1

Option 2: Cross Measurement

For this approach, you measure from the outside of one stud to the center of the third stud, effectively skipping one stud in the process. This method is illustrated in detailed diagram below and helps identify the correct bolt pattern among the four common types.

5 Lug Trailer Axle Bolt Pattern Option 2

Transitioning to the Industry Standard

For those undertaking trailer repair projects or upgrades, consider switching to the industry-standard 545 bolt pattern if you’re not already using it. This bolt pattern is not only the most common but also simplifies the search for compatible axles, hubs, and wheels. Its widespread availability means you can easily find the necessary parts, regardless of where you shop.

Need More Help?

If you find yourself needing further assistance or have specific questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is ready to support your trailer maintenance and upgrade needs. Remember, a little preparation and the right information can make your trailer repair project smoother and more efficient. Contact us anytime!

Watch our easy-to-follow YouTube video on how to measure a 5 lug trailer wheel bolt pattern! Perfect for beginners and experts alike, this guide will quickly teach you everything you need to know to measure accurately.

Check out our Plastic 5 Lug Bolt Pattern Template, a simple tool for measuring 5 lug bolt patterns on trailer wheels and hubs. It’s durable, accurate, and makes ensuring the right fit easy.

How to Measure a Trailer Axle


  1. How can I get one of your lug pattern measuring tools that are plastic. A friend had one at his body shop that would be very handy for me. Thank you

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