How to measure a 5 lug trailer axle bolt pattern

How to Measure a 5 Lug Trailer Axle Bolt Pattern 2

Weather you are replacing your trailer axle or your trailer wheels, Measuring your 5 lug bolt pattern is very important before you order new wheels or axles to make sure they match. It would not be a fun expirence to order brand new trailer axles and after you install them you find that your existing wheels will not mount onto the hubs due to the wrong bolt pattern.

The industry standard bolt pattern is 5 lug on 4.5″ (545) with 5 lug on 5″ (550) following in second. Option 1 is usually easier to do while the wheel is still mounted on the axle. With both options to measure the bolt pattern you will still end up with the correct bolt pattern. If you need more help or have any questions call us at 602-292-9690.

  • Option 1:
    • Measure from the center of 1 stud to the next one over, See diagram for the bolt patterns.
    • See our Video below on how to measure your bolt pattern.
    • We also have a Bolt Pattern Template available here.
How to measure a 5 lug trailer axle bolt pattern
  • Option 2:
    • Measure from the outside of 1 stud to the center of the one across, Make sure you skip a stud as shown in diagram.
    • There is 4 different 5 lug bolt patterns
      • 5 Lug on 4-1/2″ Bolt Pattern (most common)
      • 5 Lug on 4-3/4″ Bolt Pattern
      • 5 Lug on 5″ Bolt Pattern (second most common)
      • 5 Lug on 5-1/2″ Bolt Pattern
Option 2 - 5 lug bolt pattern

Most of the 5 lug trailer axles and wheels we sell are 5 Lug on 4.5″ bolt pattern (545). If you have the uncommon size bolt patterns we can still help, If you are replacing the axles and wheels on your trailer repair project then this would be the best time to switch to the industry standard 545 bolt pattern. With the industry standard 545 bolt pattern you will see its easier to find the correct axles, hubs and wheels you need from just about anywhere.


  1. How can I get one of your lug pattern measuring tools that are plastic. A friend had one at his body shop that would be very handy for me. Thank you

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